McCaskill: GOP Is the Party of Death — Suburban Women Are Sticking with Biden

MSNBC contributor former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said Monday on “Deadline” that the Republican Party was the “party of death.”

McCaskill said, “We now know enough to understand vaccinations are about preventing death. That it is about not giving the disease to someone whose system cannot handle this virus and therefore has to be hospitalized and then could die. We now know, we have a lot of data that those counties that Trump won by more than 60% have ten times the number of deaths as the counties that Biden won by 60%. So this party that has called itself the party about life is actually becoming the party of death. They are actually becoming the party that thinks it’s okay for people to die when science can save their lives. It has just become that simple.”

She added, “It is so interesting that they have stepped into quicksand thinking this was a political winner. And what kind of irresponsibility that reflects. I mean, Ronny Jackson is a doctor. He’s a doctor. How do doctors, with a straight face, give the back of their hand to the scientists? By the way, the scientists that Trump supported in getting the vaccine in the first place. This was Trump’s vaccine. It wasn’t Biden’s vaccine. It was Trump’s vaccine. The notion that it has become politicized. I mean, honestly, if Donald Trump thinks he’s running for president again, I have got news for him. If he thinks the way to win is by not coming out and saying, ‘I took the vaccine because I don’t want to die, you should take the vaccine, so you don’t kill someone else.’ I have a hard time believing he’s ever going to get back those suburban women that he lost to Joe Biden.”

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