Dr. Oz: Biggest Issues in PA Senate Race Are Safety on Crime and Border, Educational Choice and Input, and Jobs

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania in 2022 and stated that the main three issues are safety with policing and the border, educational choice and parental input, and jobs.

Oz said, “Remember the phrase two weeks to flatten the curve, right? That metastasized into this incredible authoritarianism overreaching that did not necessarily make us safer. People with yards, big yards told people with no yards to stay indoors. That’s where the virus was. Remember, they closed the parks, they shamed people about beaches. And now they’re threatening the same overreach for the Omicron as you were just talking about. I think those choices should be yours, the American people’s.”

He continued, “So, here’s what I’m hearing from my patients, from my viewers, from people all over the country, there [are] three basic goals: The first is, we need safety, right? And safety in our body means high-quality health care, that’s got to come. But on the streets, it means well-trained police. … We’ve got safety problems on the borders, too. Which is basically, and the narrative is false, it’s about cartels trafficking human beings…and it’s successfully being done so they keep doing it, and they’re bringing opiates along the border with them.”

Oz added, “The second thing everyone’s telling me is that they want their kids to thrive. They want their kids to do better than they did. I certainly want that for my children. The only way to get there, the path to success with kids is getting them educated. So, you need choice, so you can actually make sure that you can take kids to where they need to be. You need local rule. Why wouldn’t you be involved in figuring out the curriculum of your kids’ education and you’ve got to have your values defended. Your parents and the teachers’ values and the kids’ values need to align. … The third thing everyone’s asking about [is] jobs. And I’ll tell you, it’s interesting, jobs are about dignity, they’re about purpose, and they’re also about savings which are being eroded now by inflation.”

Oz also responded to criticisms over his lack of ties to Pennsylvania by stating, “I grew up just across the border south of Philadelphia. I went to medical school at Penn in Philadelphia. I went to business school at Wharton in Philadelphia. I met and married my wife, which was the best thing I ever did 36 years ago, in Philadelphia and I bore two children — or she bore them for me in Philadelphia. I [came] home a year ago. It feels good to be back. I love the state and I will represent it honorably.”

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