Murphy: GOP’s ‘Fetishization of Violence,’ Trump Fear-Mongering Causing Gun Violence

On Tuesday, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) on MSNBC’s “All In” reacted to three students being killed and six others injured in a shooting at Oxford High School in Oxford, MI.

He blamed the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump.

Hayes said, “It happens across the country day in and day out, of hundreds of people being shot by guns. It happens at a level that doesn’t happen anywhere else.”

Murphy said, “And it’s happening at a rate, Chris, right now that we have not seen in decades. 2020 was the deadliest year in our lifetimes. We saw a 40% increase in gun murders, which was not coincidental to a 25% increase in gun sales. So we’re flooding the market with firearms that we choose not to regulate in a way that every other high-income nation does. We have a Republican Party, as we talked about earlier in the show, that is engaged in the celebration and fetishization of violence.”

He added, “And we have a president, our prior president, who spent four years sort of making us fearful of each other, making us think we have to arm ourselves in order to protect ourselves from the other. It’s a toxic combination that has led to the highest rates of gun violence in our lifetime, and it’s time we refuse to accept it, time to do something about it.”

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