MSNBC’s Reid: Republicans Are Death Cult ‘Waving the Pro-Life Flag’

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Friday on her show “The ReidOut” that the Republican Party was a death cult “waving the pro-life flag.”

Reid said, “Republicans love to say they’re pro-life, but the more accurate term is they’re pro-birth. Because once that baby is born, they stop caring. Depending on the color of your skin, they may not see you as fully human. If they did care about children after they are born, they would be supporting universal health care, social services, food for kids whose family can’t afford it, fully funding education, and gun reform, so kids don’t have to do mass shooter drills. They would support the Build Back Better agenda, which invests in housing and the environment and acts as the biggest expansion on affordable health care in a decade. Not one Republican voted for that bill.”

Reid added, “Pro-life, really? The more appropriate slogan, in my humble opinion, is anti-choice, as this same party passes regressive policies that harm women, children, and families by taking choices away from them. Or maybe it is pro-death as this party does nothing about kids getting massacred in classrooms while siding with a virus that mutates and has killed nearly 800,000 Americans, many of them children. You don’t get to be a death cult while waving the pro-life flag. Especially when the flag was never about abortion, to begin with. It was only about orchestrating a rallying cry to politicize evangelicals. Which is why the pro-life lie by a death cult party is the absolute worst.”

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