Clay Travis: Transgender Penn Swimmer Breaking Women’s Records ‘Threatens to Destroy All of Women’s Sports’

Outkick founder Clay Travis on Wednesday reacted to transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male, breaking women’s records.

Travis warned that the NCAA allowing Thomas to compete against females “threatens to destroy all of women’s sports” because men are biologically “bigger, stronger and faster than women.”

“I think it’s important to point out that this swimmer was for three years a member of the men’s swimming team and was downright really good. So, this swimmer trained [his] entire life as a male swimmer, dominated, and then takes a year off and comes back as a woman swimmer,” Travis outlined on FNC’s “Fox & Friends.” “The NCAA says that’s eligible after a full year, but clearly when you’re winning races by 38 seconds over the person who is in second place, won a 500, this Penn swimmer did, by 15 seconds. So, when you start to look at how dominant the results are, the NCAA issues that allow this to occur don’t seem to be actually reflective.”

“And the bigger issue here is it threatens to destroy all of women’s sports, alright?” he continued. “Men — this is not sexism, this is biology — are bigger, stronger and faster than women. That is why we separate men’s and women’s athletics. So, if you are going to allow highly trained and highly skilled men to decide to compete against women, the women are not going to win, and this is a monster issue that threatens to become major for many other sports as well.”

Travis wondered if the females losing out to Thomas would speak out against having to compete against a male but noted they might be hesitant due to fear of being labeled “transphobic” by the “online Twitter mob.”

“That’s unfortunate because I think the vast majority of people out there … believe that men should be competing against men and women should be competing against women,” he added. “That’s the very sanctity of the sporting universe where we believe in a meritocracy — the best man or woman wins.”

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