Climate Alarmist Michael Mann: We Need to Pass Build Back Better to Keep Tornadoes from Getting Worse

Monday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” climate scientist Michael Mann emphasized the importance of getting President Joe Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” agenda passed.

According to Mann, the bill, which he noted “has climate provisions that will address” the problems of deadly tornadoes such as the ones seen across the central United States over the weekend, would prevent future tornadoes from being worse.

“You know, we need to pass Build Back Better because that bill has climate provisions that will address this problem at its — you know, at its core, which is the warming of the planet due to carbon pollution and fossil fuel burning,” Mann asserted. “So, that’s most important. We can prevent this from getting worse if we act on climate now.”

“That having been said as you allude to, some of these impacts are now baked in. We are going to need to deal with this. That means greater resiliency. That means adaptive measures to help deal with the impacts of these destructive storms. So it’s really both. It’s adapting to the changes that we’re already forced to deal with and preventing it most importantly from getting worse by acting on climate,” he concluded.

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