Rand Paul: Science Doesn’t Support Shutting Down Schools — ‘We Need to Get Rid of the Hysteria’

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on Wednesday pushed back against the recent increase in schools shutting down over fear of the uptick in coronavirus cases.

Paul told FNC’s “Fox & Friends” that “science doesn’t support closing schools down,” noting that children are not affected by the coronavirus in the same way adults are. He called on the government to quit promoting the “hysteria” coming from the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“It’s tragic, and the thing is the science doesn’t support closing schools down,” Paul declared. “In Sweden, the schools have stayed open continuously for the last year and a half. They don’t wear masks. The kids are not dying. The teachers are not dying. Really, there is no science behind closing the schools down. Now, it used to be the policy and had been the policy for most of modern medicine, that if kids were sick, they were sent home, and if a bunch of kids were sick, then we might close the schools for a couple of days. But we are not doing that. We are doing mass testing of people who are not sick. We are sending people home who have no symptoms, and then we’re testing whole classes and sending more home. And it ripples out until the whole school is sent home, but it isn’t really based on the way you would actually do this if you were using any common sense.”

“We now have a virus that is so prevalent that it’s going to infect the entire United States, and we are going to get through this,” he continued. “But, if you look at the death statistics, the death statistics are 75% reduction in death from the Delta variant to the Omicron — 75% reduction in death. And so what we’re dealing with is now a different disease, and it needs to be treated differently. We need to get rid of the hysteria. But the people who are promoting this hysteria work for the government. This is Dr. Fauci’s fault largely because he’s still hysterically talking about mandates and shutting people down and not letting people fly and blaming the unvaccinated. Everybody is getting this — vaccinated, unvaccinated. In fact, the majority of the people in the hospital now are vaccinated because almost everybody’s been vaccinated.”

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