Hawley: ‘No Way’ the Olympic Committee Should Be Rewarding China’s Authoritarian Dictatorship

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) appeared on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday to protest the decision to have this year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The Missouri GOP lawmaker said he would not be watching NBC’s coverage of the games next month.

“I absolutely agree with what you’re saying and what you’re doing,” he said. “And the Olympics should absolutely not be in Beijing. There is no way we should be rewarding, the Olympic committee should be rewarding this authoritarian dictatorship whose entire economy, can I just say, is based on slave labor. We know that they imprison their own people. They enslave their own people. And not to mention all of the theft they have committed with regard to this country and the jobs and technology they have stolen from us. But they are the world’s leading practitioners of slavery. There’s just no way that we should be applauding that, propping it up.”

“And I just want to say I wish our athletes well, but I’m not going to be watching NBC’s coverage because I just can’t stand to see another big corporation fawn over the Chinese government in an effort to make more money,” Hawley added. “I just think it’s wrong.”

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