Pence: Biden-Harris Administration Failing Southern Border, Economy

Thursday on FNC’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” former Vice President Mike Pence offered his assessment of the current administration led by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Pence called his successors a failure, especially on the border but on the economy and abroad, as well.

“You know, well, that’s an old mantra of back in the days of the Obama-Biden Administration was that the problem of illegal immigration was driven by root causes,” he said. “I really wasn’t that surprised when she skipped over the border and started to talk about root causes. Look, she’s down in Honduras. The new president, she’s a socialist, but you know, frankly, Jesse, I’m more concerned about the social issues associated with here in Washington D.C. than I am in the Northern Triangle. The reality is, this administration unleashed the worst border crisis in American history because, on day one, President Biden undid the policies that President Trump put into effect that reduce illegal immigration by 90% that ‘Remain in Mexico policy.'”

“As you know, Jesse was working,” Pence continued. “We built hundreds of miles of border wall. This administration stopped construction on the wall. They have left massive gaps in the wall. But, really, by undoing the policies and focusing on economic development in Central America is a prescription for more of what we saw last year. Two million illegal immigrants coming across our border. December was the highest month in history. The Biden-Harris administration is failing the American people at our southern border, failing on our economy. And, frankly, failing the country at home and abroad.”

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