Blackburn: Pelosi’s Warning to Athletes Is Admission Sending American Athletes to Olympics Puts Them in Danger

On Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Fox Across America,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) reacted to House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) urging American athletes competing at the 2022 Winter Olympics to avoid angering China by wondering why Pelosi didn’t support boycotting the games if she thinks China could disappear athletes for speaking out and saying that Pelosi is admitting that we’re putting our athletes in danger by sending them to the games.

Host Jimmy Failla asked, [relevant exchange begins around 1:34:00] “I mean, if we’re openly admitting as a government that we’re terrified at the lack of a premium on human life demonstrated by that government, isn’t that alone an admission that we’re kind of putting our athletes in harm’s way just by sending them?”

Blackburn responded, “Of course it is. But where was Nancy Pelosi for the past year as I’ve been saying, let’s not send our athletes? Let’s have the U.S.A. Freedom Games right here so that they can compete, but let’s not send them there where they’re going to be surveilled, we don’t know what may happen to their health. We do not know, if they speak out, if they will disappear them like they’ve done with Peng Shuai. We don’t know what could happen to them. We do know that they can’t take their electronics. We do know that the burner phones that they’re being given have to be downloaded with an app where they will use the digital yuan. They’ll be able to call and communicate with people, but we also know the Chinese Communist Party will be surveilling every single bit of that.”

She added, “I mean, think about it, Pelosi cannot even figure out who to be upset with. She is telling the athletes to keep their mouths shut. She should have been saying, the Chinese Communist Party is up to no good. We don’t want you there. Because we are so proud of you, we want you to have a good, healthy, productive, free life, and we don’t want to put you over there and put you in harm’s way.”

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