MSNBC’s Nance: Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Will Get Bloody; Trump ‘Responsible for a Lot of It’

MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance said Tuesday on The Beat that former President Donald Trump will be “responsible” in part for the bloody consequences of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempt to annex a portion of Ukraine.

Nance said, “Dictators are going to talk like dictators. Game knows game. Donald Trump, in this particular circumstance, look, he’s an autocrat. I said that when he became president. Putin’s strategy is to create an axis of autocrats, and Trump was the American wing, which was supposed to reposition the United States and was going to allow Europe to become an area of an expanded Russia. This is just Donald Trump validating what we know about him. He’s anti-democratic. He is ready to give this country away.”

He added, “Look, this is going to get bloody. Donald Trump is going to be responsible for a lot of it. I mean, he extorted this country with the anti-tank missiles they need now to defend themselves. All I know is we haven’t given Ukraine enough missiles here to really stop what is coming. But if we do, well, maybe this whole thing can be reversed a bit.”

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