CNN’s Abby Phillip: White Replacement Theory ‘Mainstay’ of Fox News Primetime, Tucker Carlson

CNN anchor Abby Phillip said Sunday on “Inside Politics” that Fox News and specifically host Tucker Carlson were pushing the “white replacement theory.”

Phillip said, “Over the weekend, Adam Kinzinger highlighted the number-three Republican in the house, Elise Stefanik’s use of the white replacement theory. In an ad, he wrote, ‘Did you know Stefanik pushes white replacement theory? The number three in the House GOP, Liz Cheney, got removed for demanding the truth. The Republican leader should be asked about this. It’s not just Elise Stefanik. If you watch Fox News, this is the mainstay of their primetime hours. Tucker Carlson discusses it in sometimes euphemistic form, but not really all that euphemistic. What does this country do.”

New York Times correspondent Alex Burns said, “It’s a really, really tough question, because we don’t have, you know, legal instruments in this country to restrain radical speech in that way, and I’m not saying that we should. I don’t think the government should be, you know, sort of knocking on Tucker Carlson’s door at two o’clock in the morning because of the stuff he says on the show, but it’s a cultural problem when our political leaders and the leaders of big institutions in this country have decided that they are either going to look the other way when mainstream political figures use that kind of rhetoric, or even indulge them and engage in it themselves.”

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