Deutsch: Democrats Should Make ‘Vulgar’ Tucker Carlson, ‘Racist and Evil’ MAGA Face of GOP

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Democrats need to make “MAGA maniacs” and Fox News Tucker Carlson the face of the Republican Party for the midterms.

Deutsch said, “We’re not going to win the next — between now and the midterms or between now and 2024 solve the social media problem. I want to go back to your question. Do we call people out? You do call out Tucker Carlson. He is heinous. He is vulgar. Make him the face of the Republican Party, the same way I said make replacement theory the brand image, the model of the party. Yes, he has 3 million viewers, but to the mainstream Republicans, to the independents, he’s vulgar. He is atrocious. Use him. Give him more of a platform. Say it is the party of Tucker Carlson. It is not the party of Pat Toomey, Okay? It is not the party of Mitch McConnell. It is the party of Tucker Carlson. That’s who you are voting for. Use Marjorie Taylor Greene. Use Cawthorn. Use these people. You have a nugget of MAGA maniacs, not MAGA ultras. Ultra is a good word, MAGA maniacs. They’re racist and evil. Make them the faces, not even Donald Trump anymore, make them the faces of the Republican Party.”

He added, “Let’s not forget, most Republicans are decent, non-racist human beings, okay? We get caught up in this. Almost guilt them. I can’t wait to go to a dinner party this weekend and go, ‘Hey, guys are you okay with this whole replacement theory thing?'”

Deutsch concluded, “You don’t get to pick and choose. You don’t get to go, ‘I like their fiscal policy. The ten people who got killed in Buffalo, you own that.'”

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