Josh Shapiro: Mastriano ‘Wants to Take Us to a Divisive and Dark Place’

Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania governor Josh Shapiro said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that his Republican opponent Doug Mastriano is too divisive to be the governor.

Shapiro said, “My opponent, Senator Mastriano — he wants to take us to a divisive and dark place. He openly talked about with the stroke of a pen, being able to do away with voting machines that had votes on it that he didn’t agree with. It’s very dangerous because here in Pennsylvania, the next governor will appoint the secretary of state and the governor, and the governor alone, appoints electors based on the will of the people. Senator Mastriano has made it clear he will appoint the electors based on his belief system. Listen, he’s essentially saying, sure, you can go vote, but I’ll pick the winner. That’s incredibly dangerous. That’s what’s at stake in this governor’s race.”

He added, “He is extreme, and he is dangerous. He would ban all abortion and jail doctors who perform it. He was there on January 6. When the police told him to stop at the barricades, he kept marching. He is someone who wants to overturn not just the last election but has made clear he would pick the winner of the next one. He wants to make it illegal to have same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania. He thinks climate change is fake. He is a danger.”

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