MSNBC’s McCaskill: We Should Have Photos of Mass Shooting Victims on Public Display to Stop Future Shootings

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” network contributor Claire McCaskill suggested putting up photographs of mass shooting victims on public display to prevent future shootings.

McCaskill, formerly a senator for Missouri, noted the act of putting up pictures of victims on public display was “horrific” but said it would help connect “the facts with the reality of the violence that happened.”

“[L]et me talk about the pictures,” McCaskill outlined. “As someone who has seen way too many victims of violence as a prosecutor, as someone who has been in the courtroom for multiple homicide trials where I argued to the judge that it was very important for the jury to see the photographs of the victims, that that was an important piece of connecting the facts with the reality of the violence that happened and the crime that had been committed, if we are trying to convince the American people that this kind of slaughter is unacceptable in this nation, it seems to me that we need to ask families to consider having these pictures put out among the public.”

“Is it horrific? Of course, it is,” she continued. “But if we want to stop this, we’ve got to make the case. And I would never dream of going to a jury in a homicide case without them seeing the results of the crime that had been committed right there in front of them in a way that they cannot ignore, and frankly, at least speaking for me, can never forget.”

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