Dem Rep. Lofgren: ‘Overwhelming Evidence’ Trump Intended to Engage in Fraud, Criminal Conduct

Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said Monday on MSNBC’s “All In” that there was “overwhelming evidence” former President Donald Trump intentionally committed “fraud and crime.”

When asked about Trump, Lofgren said, “I mean, it’s very obvious, and we have evidence laid out, that he, the election was not fraudulent. He knew it wasn’t fraudulent. He kept saying it, and he is still saying it, that we’ll see tomorrow, and later in the week, his efforts to subvert state election processes. You know he is still clinging to these falsehoods, and the question is why. Is it to further undercut confidence in the electoral system so that he has a chance to prevail in some future election? That’s basically what Judge Luttig referred to in our hearing last week, that he’s a clear and present danger, according to Judge Luttig, one of the most conservative level judges on the bench for so many years. It’s a grave concern.”

She added, “I guess the question is whether he intended to do what he tried to do. And I think there is an overwhelming evidence that he did. We’ve had a lot of, I think, probably useless speculation on what the committee will vote to do by way of referral to the Justice Department after all our hearings are done. We haven’t had that discussion, but the committee has already taken a stand in the Eastman evidentiary case. We did file pleadings saying that it was our belief that the president had engaged in fraud and criminal conduct, and therefore, we’re not entitled to the attorney privilege that he was asserting. And the judge found that was true. There was, more likely than not that fraud and crime have been committed.”

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