Whitaker: ‘I’m Concerned that the Radical Left Is Going to Resort to Political Violence to Try to Make Their Voice Heard’

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker voiced his concern with possible political violence coming from the “radical left” with some upcoming U.S. Supreme Court rulings looming.

Whitaker warned that with the makeup of the court and the pending cases that there could be violence “like we saw in the summer of 2020” so the radical left could “make their voice heard.”

“[F]irst of all, I’m concerned about this political violence when the Dobbs opinion does issue, which is the Mississippi abortion case. You know, there have already been threats in Washington, D.C. and other places that we are going to have more violence like we saw in summer of 2020,” Whitaker outlined. “But there’s a lot of important cases.”

He continued, “I think about Coach Kennedy’s case in his ability to pray after football games. I think about the West Virginia EPA case, which could be a major development in putting the administrative state back into its … restrictions of the law and making Congress specifically pass these major issues to address, you know, climate change as perceived by the left. And there’s so many other important cases, including the New York concealed carry case, that could come out. So, you know, there’s going to be a series of cases. I think the left, because of the makeup of the court, is going to be very disappointed in those outcomes, and I’m concerned that the radical left is going to resort to political violence to try to make their voice heard.”

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