Nigel Farage: If Boris Johnson Was No Longer Fit to Serve, How Can He Remain in Power?

Brexit leader Nigel Farage on Thursday reacted to Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson announcing his resignation.

Johnson will remain in his role while the Conservative Party conducts a leadership contest to choose his successor, which Farage told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” was not “tenable.” He questioned how Johnson could continue serving as Prime Minister after so many members of his own government deemed him unfit.

“I don’t think that’s tenable, and I’ll tell you why,” Farage outlined. “Fifty-nine ministers, some of them very senior, some of them very junior, but 59 people who were part of the apparatus of this government have resigned over the course of the last three days. It is a stunning number. I mean, we can’t even run the country without these people, and most of them, in their resignation letters, called for a return to decency, to honesty and truthfulness in public life — the implication, of course, being very clear that Boris Johnson had lied.”

“Boris Johnson had not told the truth and was therefore no longer fit to serve in office. Well, if he wasn’t fit to serve when they wrote these letters, how is he fit to serve for what I think will be about a 10-week period?” he asked.

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