Rubio: ‘The Entire Democratic Agenda Is Designed to Cater to the Pet Issues of Affluent Liberals’

Thursday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) slammed the Democrats’ agenda, which he argued was not designed for the average American.

According to Rubio, “the entire Democratic agenda is designed to cater to the pet issues of affluent liberals living in trendy neighborhoods and  expensive cities far away from the consequences of the things they are for.” He said that everyday Americans don’t believe the Democrats were fighting for them.

“[T]hey’ve got this radicalism on climate change, and it means higher gas prices,” Rubio outlined. “And they think government is the solution to everything, so you have this inflation because of the spending. And they are against immigrant enforcement, so we have an immigration enforcement crisis. And they think the criminal justice system is mean, and so we have a crime wave because police officers won’t arrest people and prosecutors won’t prosecute.”

“And the list goes on and on, and so normal, everyday people, working people, look at all this and say these people don’t fight for us. They are fighting for a small group of radical progressive, rich liberals, and the rest of us are out on our own. That is the fact here. That’s what’s happening,” he concluded.

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