Rick Scott: ‘Biden Administration Is a Bunch of Do-Nothing People’

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, criticized the Biden administration for its response to many of the problems plaguing the country.

Scott encouraged viewers to visit the Senate Republicans’ proposal and called the Biden administration a “bunch of do-nothing people.”

“Here’s what we have to do: We have to balance the budget,” Scott said. “This is caused by reckless spending. We’ve got — I mean, every proposal Democrats have is spend your money. Spend more money. We’ve got to reduce taxes, reduce fees, reduce the size of government. We’ve got to become energy independent. Don’t go to Saudi Arabia and begged money — them for fuel. Go to Texas and ask them to get more fuel. Fix the supply chain.”

“The Biden administration is a bunch of do-nothing people that all they do is blame,” he continued. “Balance the budget. Start with that. That’s the simplest thing we have to do. But we’ve got to figure out how to balance our budget, and we can do it. And reduce the cost of government. It’s way too high. Stop spending money.”

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