Chris Cuomo Denies Trying to Manipulate Media Coverage of His Gov. Brother

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Tuesday on NewsNation’s “Dan Abrams Live” that he did not try to manipulate media coverage of his brother former Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), who resigned after the New York attorney general’s report finding he engaged in sexual misconduct with multiple women.

CNN fired Chris for assisting his brother with his journalistic resources.

Abrams said, “Let’s start with the issue of, ‘I’ve never made calls to the press about my brother’s situation.’ You did, right?”

Cuomo said, “No, I never contacted any media who were covering my brother to try to affect their coverage. I talk to people in the media all the time.”

Abrams said, “But you said, ‘I never made calls to the press about my brother’s situation. You did make calls to the press about your brother’s situation.”

Cuomo responded, “But I think the distinction has a meaningful difference. The concern would be not that I called you and said, ‘What you think’s going on here?’ It’s me calling you and saying, ‘Hey, tonight  in your segment, I hope you remember that.'”

Abrams said, “That is different.”

Cuomo said, “But that’s what meant, and that’s what matters.”

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