Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway said Thursday on CNN’s “OutFront” that if top secret documents were retrieved during the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, it could be the thing that takes him down.

Conway said, “I think we’re going to learn that things were done by the book. I don’t think we’re going to learn the full story behind this investigation. By will be laid out in the probable cause affidavit, which will remain under seal, but we’ll see what it is. The FBI and the Justice Department were looking for at Mar-a-Lago, and we will see what they came out with. There is going to be a ticket or list of items that the government is required to produce of the things, the property that they took. And so we’re going to see what it is that’s at stake here, not necessarily specifically the documents. Some of them may, apparently, according to some reporting, is top secret. But we’ll learn that there was a there there.”

He continued, “Let’s just take a step back. Let’s say you had an outgoing National Security Advisor or an outgoing assistant to the president who took these very boxes of materials home with them on January 20th, 2021. I mean, there would be no question that if they jerked around the government and refused to turn the materials back over, even after being subpoenaed, which apparently was the case here, I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be charges brought.”

Conway added, “We’re talking about, I don’t know, maybe two dozen boxes – who knows – of materials of the highest sensitivity. We are talking about what the president of the United States received. This is about the most sensitive of sensitive information that you can imagine. And he viewed them – because he is the world’s ultimate narcissist – as his property. And he thought he just could take them, and they belonged to him, just like the election belonged to him, just like his generals across the river at the Pentagon belonged to him. It’s all about him. It all belongs to him. Some loser-nerd librarian wants to take that away from him. No, he is not going to do that. You can see exactly how this happened. And, you know, this could be the thing that really takes him down.”

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