Donalds: Inflation Reduction Act’s Green Provisions Will Subsidize Chinese Solar Panels, Slave Labor

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Fox Across America,” Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) said that the Inflation Reduction Act will increase IRS audits on the poor in order to help pay for subsidies for solar panels for the wealthy and that the increased subsidies for solar panels will help China because solar panels are largely made in China and the minerals needed to build the solar panels are mined with slave labor by China.

Donalds stated, [relevant remarks begin around 1:11:30] “In this bill, we’re going to be increasing the subsidies for solar panels. Now, mind you, solar panels are something that largely rich and upper-middle-income class people put on their houses because they have the money to do it, right? So, you’re going to have — the poor are going to pay their extra five bucks or ten bucks to the federal government because the IRS is going to audit them so the rich can get subsidies for solar panels. And these solar panels actually come from China and the minerals that are actually mined are mined by slave labor that the Chinese actually use to get the minerals to make the solar panels.”

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