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The Past Two Years Have Been a Nightmare for Green True Believers

The past two years have been a comprehensive disaster for the environmental movement, from the pandemic shattering Green New Deal illusions of what a “sustainable lifestyle” might look like, to polluting powerhouses like China and India burning literal mountains of coal without the slightest concern for the climate change movement.

The Associated Press

Report: India Tells States to Increase Coal Imports for Three Years

China, the world’s worst polluter, has been dramatically increasing its coal consumption without much criticism from the climate change movement. Now the Indian government is urging its states to increase coal imports for the next three years to meet rising energy demands and create an emergency stockpile.

Smoke rises from a coal-powered steel plant at Hehal village near Ranchi, in eastern state of Jharkhand, Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021. No country will see energy needs grow faster in coming decades than India, and even under the most optimistic projections part of that demand will have to be met …