MSNBC legal analyst Neal Katyal said on this week’s broadcast on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” former President Donald Trump will be indicted for mishandling documents in Winter 2023.

Katyal said, “The Justice Department on Friday filed a motion to say, we want to appeal this whole question of a special master, because Jonathan, you don’t get a special master if you’re a normal person ever. And Judge Cannon said the reason why he gets one is because he’s the former president. That is not exactly powerful legal reasoning. And so the department has said, the court of appeals, please hear our case right now. It’s true that we can do a lot of the criminal investigation on the hundred most sensitive documents, but there are thousands of other pages that we would like to look at, and you can’t shackle us. I think the department is basically saying, look, we’ve had it with Judge Cannon. She is erratic, and she is unprincipled. Her orders are obviously wrong.”

He added, “I suspect the culmination at the end of the day, Jonathan, is that Donald Trump will be indicted by the Justice Department.”

Anchor Jonathan Capehart said, “Care to tell us when you think that might be?”

Katyal said, “It depends a little bit on how fast this appeal can take place. I think it can take place pretty quickly, and by the end of December, I think we could get a decision there which will tee up the question about when to indict in the winter of 2023.”

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