Abrams: Kemp Is a ‘Voter Suppresser Architect’ — Georgia Has ‘Racist’ Voting System

Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that her opponent Gov. Brian Kemp (R), is a voting suppression architect.

Last week a federal judge found that Georgia election practices challenged by a group associated with Abrams did not violate the constitutional rights of voters.

Abrams said, “He’s the architect of a voter suppression law that is already harming Georgians this year. Sixty-four thousand people have had their right to vote challenged, including white supremacist groups who used the Brian Kemp law to challenge the right to vote for black and brown voters across the state of Georgia. Once again, Brain Kemp’s hypocrisy keeps silent. He signed this law, proud of it, claiming that he did so because it was necessary. Then he admitted during his primary that he only did it because he was frustrated by the results of the election. He is a voter suppresser architect, and he is continuing to attack the right to vote in the state of Georgia.”

She added, “There is a 288-page order that came down from a federal court on the last three claims during our Fair Fight Action. We did not win the claims. But if you read the 288-page order, repeatedly the federal judge said that Brian Kemp operated a racist, discriminatory system.”

Abrams added, “Brian Kemp helped 50,000 black and brown people from being able to vote. 90% of them were black and brown people in 2018. He made it illegal for people to get water in line. He outsourced voter suppression to white supremacists.”

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