GOP Rep. Green: Need to Tie Title 42 to Fentanyl to Keep It, People Already Started Crossing Because They Thought It Was Lifted

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) argued that there will be a surge in border crossings when Title 42 is lifted since we’ve already seen people cross the border because they believed the rule is no longer in effect and Congress can prevent that by tying Title 42 to the fentanyl crisis or something other than COVID.

Green stated, [relevant remarks begin around 2:20] “As soon as it was announced, the court ruling basically doing away with Title 42, they didn’t know — the people across the border didn’t know that there was a stay for five weeks so Border Patrol said they had a spike at that one crossing in El Paso…because they thought Title 42 was off. Now, it goes off in December when the stay’s over. But we’re going to see — they’re expecting an additional 18,000 people a day hitting the border. They’re sitting in camps on the other side of the Rio Grande River waiting for it now to expire. That’s how bad this is going to be and we can fix it by tying it to fentanyl or something else, not COVID. There are other solutions out there. We have to keep this tool, though, in CBP’s toolkit.”

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