McCarthy: People Haven’t Read Rail Strike Bill

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) accused President Joe Biden of lying when he claimed that a rail strike had been averted back in September and now is begging Congress to avert a strike and “take the bill up tomorrow when people have not even read it.”

McCarthy said President Biden called the leaders to the White House because he “intentionally misled us. He said he had a rail strike solved…in September, when he knew that he didn’t want the American public to know before the election that he didn’t. Remember what he told us that inflation was transitory. Remember he told us that the influx of illegals was seasonal, that the Taliban wouldn’t take over Afghanistan, again and again. But now, we’re just weeks away from the busiest season of the entire year of Christmas and our whole infrastructure could shut down based upon this administration’s negotiation with the rail, this pro-union individual who has failed once again. And he’s asking government to step in to try to solve this problem. But he’s begging the House and Senate to do it, just to take the bill up tomorrow when people have not even read it.”

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