Adam Carolla: Biden Administration ‘All a Diversity Hire — And This Is a Problem’

Thursday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” podcaster and comedian Adam Carolla offered his assessment of the Biden administration, which he argued was being staffed based on diversity instead of merit.

He called the Biden White House “all a diversity hire.”

“It’s a great country, but the deeper you look at the people actually running it, the more you get the sense this is all sort of some elaborate SNL sketch where they put the dumbest people in the world in charge of the best country,” Carlson said.

“Let’s not forget Admiral Levine,” Carolla replied. “You have to picture Admiral Levine and the guy in charge of the spent uranium and picture what North Korea, Russia or Iran are thinking when they see a picture of those two standing next to each other. It is all a diversity hire. And this is a problem. People get a lot of crap talking about diversity hires. It is great to have a diverse group, but that can’t be the only criteria we use to hire people in super-important positions. You could never do that with a sports franchise. Kamala Harris — what would you hire her to do? I wouldn’t hire her to manage a Color Me Mine in Burbank, California – much less vice president of the United States.

“Well, it’s a little bit weird being a fellow old person having grown up in a world liberals told us your sex life has no bearing on your job, your ability to do your job,” Carlson said. “You can’t be judged by who you sleep with, which is kind of fine with me, actually. All of a sudden, you are seeing people getting hired because of their sexual identity and who they sleep with and put into positions that kind of matter, like managing nuclear waste purely because they dress in women’s clothes. Like, when did that change?”

“We decided — we went from we don’t like it to we’ll tolerate it to fine, do whatever you want to celebrating it,” Carolla responded. “And now we are all sort of forced to celebrate the diversity. We should be celebrating people’s ability to do their damn jobs, not their diversity. I would be fine with a thousand cops and a thousand firemen in my neighborhood who didn’t look anything like me and shared nothing in common but who did their job exquisitely well, and I feel the same about my airline pilot.

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