CNN’s Sellers: ‘There Is a Great Deal of Resentment by Black Voters for Herschel Walker’

CNN political analyst Bakari Sellers said Wednesday on “Anderson Cooper 360” that black voters resent Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker because they did not believe he was qualified to represent them.

Guest anchor John Berman said, “We’re seeing record-breaking early vote numbers in Georgia. So, do you think that’s good news for the Democratic campaign?”

Sellers said, “Undoubtedly, that’s good news for Democrats. We’ve seen the trends. Instead of having these polling data where Republicans flood the zone with just poor polls, what we see now is that we actually have data we can look at. That’s the early voting numbers, where they come from in Georgia. Lieutenant Governor Duncan is probably better than I am at telling you what it means when somebody votes in Richmond County versus Fulton County or DeKalb County, et cetera. But I do believe that what we’re seeing is that Democrats are coming out. I think Raphael Warnock is running the pitch-perfect campaign for the moment.”

He added, “And let me also say this, this is somewhat contentious for people who may not be familiar culturally with what I’m about to say, but there is a great deal of resentment by black voters for Herschel Walker. There are many black voters who you speak to who simply say that he does not speak or represent us very well at all, from the allegations of abuse, from being inarticulate, for not understanding basic concepts. And therefore, we do not want him to represent us on the world stage as a United States Senator in Washington, DC. I expect you’re going to have a large number of black voters come out, again, for Raphael Warnock, overcoming the fatigue, and a great deal of young voters come out for Raphael Warnock, overcoming the fatigue as well.”

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