Ruben Gallego: Democrat Senators ‘Have Encouraged Me to Run’ Against Sinema

Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) told CBS News on Wednesday that some Democratic senators are privately telling him to run against Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), who left the Democratic Party and became an independent last week.

Reporter Robert Costa asked, “Are some major names in the Senate or the House privately telling you you better run?”

The Arizona Democrat lawmaker said, “There have been some senators that have encouraged me to run. I wouldn’t say better run, but there are some senators, some of Sen. Sinema’s colleagues, that are encouraging me to run. A lot of House members want me to run.”

Costa asked, “Have you spoken with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer about your outlook on Arizona and the Senate race?”

Gallego said, “Not Recently.”

Costa asked, “Will you talk to him before you make your decision?”

Gallego said, “Probably not.”

He added, “He will not determine my future. Again, it’s the people of Arizona and my family. He is not in a position even to make decisions. He has to balance the needs of the caucus first. And by the time they figure out what they, how they’re going to balance Sinema still being there and me running for office, it’s going to be too late. So, once I make my decision, I’ll go, and then we’ll talk to him at some point if he wants to.”

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