Maher: I ‘Don’t Trust the Government’ on Inflation Reduction Act after COVID Relief Fraud

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that he doesn’t “trust the government at this point” after the massive amount of coronavirus relief fraud and he doesn’t trust the Inflation Reduction Act due to what a mess coronavirus relief turned out to be.

Maher said that while the full Build Back Better plan didn’t pass, the smaller Inflation Reduction Act is “still kind of a lot of money. … I’ve just got to say, I always was sort of on this page, first of all, 3.5 — do you even know what’s in there? No. And also, I just don’t trust the government at this point. The money that they spent on COVID, half of that got stolen. Hundreds of billions of dollars, hundreds of billions that went to the PPP…program and unemployment, it was just stolen or given out to anybody.”

He added that he doesn’t believe there should have been no aid, but “I don’t trust the next one when the last one was such a mess. … There was always this idea that you cannot transfer money except by way of a leaky bucket, which I totally understand. I agree. There is no bucket in government that does not leak. But at a certain point, you don’t even have a bucket. You’ve just got a handle.”

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