NH Gov. Sununu: Dems Can ‘Suck It’ on Changing Primary Calendar — We Are Going First

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) said Tuesday on SiriusXM POTUS channel’s “The Briefing” that President Joe Biden and Democrats could “suck it” on changing their primary calendar because he said New Hampshire was going first “no matter what.”

Host Steve Scully said, “Let me conclude with first in the nation primary, you were in Naples, Florida, and some rather choice words aimed at the President and the Democrats are saying, you know what? South Carolina’s going to be first. What do you think?”

Sununu said, “Can I say they can go suck it? Is that appropriate? On SiriusXM, can a governor say that? Yeah. No, it ain’t happening, Joe. Joe Biden has really screwed himself over big. So two things. Number one, New Hampshire is going first no matter what because we have our own laws, we have our own rules, and we don’t give a flip about what the Democrat Party wants to do. It’s what’s best for New Hampshire and really what’s best for the country because we have such a high voter participation rate. So what Biden has done is he’s opened up his political flank, right? So he’s said, I’m not going to be on the ballot in New Hampshire.”

“Maybe they penalize us by not letting our delegates sit at the convention,” he continued. “Who cares? Coming to New Hampshire, you get all the press. You get all the coverage, all the earned media. You don’t need name, or you don’t need a lot of money, but with your presence here, you can sure raise a lot of money nationally. And so now anyone that wants to challenge him is going to come here, and they’re going to be on the ballot here because we are going first. And then what South Carolina goes next? Well, Joe didn’t read the fine print. South Carolina typically doesn’t hold primaries for incumbents. In 2020 there was no primary for Donald Trump. The political elite in that state just kind of said, okay, you win. And they’ll probably do that again for Biden. But that means he’s not going to have to be out there, he’s not going to be on the campaign trail, and someone’s going to come charging through New Hampshire on the Democrat side, win this state, get all this momentum, all this earned media and I think, be able to raise a heck of a lot of money if they need to do that.”

“It’s just a huge opportunity for anyone to challenge the president,” Sununu added. “And considering he can barely hold poll numbers where even Democrats say he should have a second term, he’s massively exposed. And so, he didn’t think it through like most things, he’s left himself wide open, and I have no doubt there’ll be some very strong Democrat challengers running in the First in the Nation Primary, which is still going to be New Hampshire, whether he likes it or not.”

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