GOP Rep. Nehls: TikTok ‘Needs to Be Banned Immediately’ — ‘China Is Our Adversary’

During Friday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Your World,” Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) was adamant in his case for banning TikTok, calling for Congress to “step up.”

The Texas Republican lawmaker questioned why TikTok was allowed to enter the marketplace, as it is owned by Communist China, who he called an adversary.

“I think TikTok needs to be banned,” he said. “It needs to be banned immediately. Congress needs to step up. We need to get it through the House and the Senate, and then Joe Biden will need to sign it. He needs to sign it. His secretary of state, even Blinken, said we need to get rid of it. Why are we allowing China to do this? China is our adversary. China, the Communist Party, doesn’t like us. As a matter of fact, they’re out to destroy us. They’re out to kill us. A few years ago, they unleashed a virus that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. They’re sending the ingredients to fentanyl to Mexico, and it’s coming up through our porous Southern border.”

“And now we have got thousands of upon thousands of Chinese immigrants entering our Southern border that are men between 18 and 40,” Nehls added. “So what’s happening? America, wake up. This administration needs to wake up. China is our adversary, and we must do something about this. But the sad state of fact is here is this, is that this administration is beholden to the Chinese Communist Party.”

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