Nancy Mace: Unless We Find ‘Middle Ground’ on Abortion, Republicans Will ‘Lose Huge’ in 2024

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Republicans will “lose huge” in the 2024 election if they do not find “middle ground” on abortion.

Partial transcript as follow:

MARTHA RADDATZ: What’s your reaction to what the Supreme Court did?

MACE: Well, it was the right decision on Friday night by the Supreme Court. The judge’s decision in Texas, this was a hand-picked case with a hand-picked judge to get this outcome. And when you look at the ruling in Texas, in part at least, it used a law that the U.S. Supreme Court, in 1983, said was unconstitutional. So the basis for his ruling, I ague, was debunked and it should not have been. And I totally disagree with it.

RADDATZ: And this isn’t over. There are other cases moving through the court system. How do you see this ending up? How do you want this to end up?

MACE: Well, I want us to find some middle ground. As a Republican and conservative, constitutional conservative who’s pro-life, I saw what happened after Roe v. Wade because I represent a very purple district, as purple as this dress, and I saw the sentiment change dramatically. And as Republicans, we need to read the room on this issue because the vast majority of folks are not in the extremes. And we just saw, you know, a fetal heartbeat bill signed in the dead of night recently in Florida. There are – in my home state of South Carolina, there was a small – a very small group of state legislatures that filed a bill that would execute women who have abortions and gave right – more rights to rapists than women who have been raped.

That is the wrong message heading into ’24. We’re going to – we’re going to lose huge if we continue down this path of extremities. And finding that middle ground, the vast majority of people want some sort of gestational limits, not at – you know, not at nine months, but somewhere in the middle. They want exceptions for rape and incest. They want women to have access to birth control. These are all very common sense positions that we can take and still be pro-life.

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