Nikki Haley: ‘A Vote for President Biden Is a Vote for President Harris’

Former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC), a candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, said Tuesday on FNC’s “The Faulkner Focus” that because of the president’s advanced age in the 2024 election, “a vote for President Biden is a vote for President Harris.”

Discussing her call for competency tests for politicians over 75, Haley said, “We need to know people are up at the top of their game. Here you have Biden last week. He didn’t even know where he was the week before. A little child had to tell him that. He doesn’t know how many grandchildren he has. Now we see Hunter is not paying child support, and I get why he is confused about that. This is about the fact that we have to make sure that people are up to their mental fitness to be able to make these decisions. I don’t care if you do it at 50 or over. Don’t the American people deserve transparency to say they’re at the top of the game?”

Referencing Vice President Kamala Harris, Haley added, “The competency tests are simple. Name things starting with the same letter. What month and day it is? This is a serious issue because we all now know a vote for President Biden is a vote for President Harris. That’s not, you know, hurting anybody’s feelings or being disrespectful. It’s a fact.”

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