Raskin: McCarthy Listened to Wall Street Not Extreme MAGA Republicans on Debt Ceiling Deal

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that during the debt ceiling negotiations, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) listened to Wall Street and not the “MAGA extreme element within the Republican Caucus.”

Anchor Dana Bash said, “Let me ask you about what happened this past week, where you work, in the House of Representatives, the debt ceiling deal. The president said that Kevin McCarthy worked in good faith. Do you give him credit for this bipartisan deal?

Raskin said, “The president? Yeah.”

Bash said, “Excuse me, Kevin McCarthy, the speaker.”

Raskin said, “Well, look, there is a MAGA extreme element within the Republican Caucus, which really wanted to plunge the country into default and economic crisis. That’s the chaos caucus. The same people that supported Donald Trump’s government shutdown.”

Bash said, “What about Kevin McCarthy?”

Raskin said, “Right, I’m distinguishing him from them. I think he recognized and he listened to the voices on Wall Street and in Corporate America, who said, you cannot crash the economy, just because you have an extreme element that is heckling you and he did not do that. So the center held briefly, because we were able to avert going over the cliff. But we should never come remotely close to that again. The Constitution says that the validity of the public debt shall never be questioned. That’s in the 14th Amendment.”

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