Mark Levin on January 6 Charges Against Trump: ‘This Indictment Is Crap’

FNC host Mark Levin said Thursday on “Fox & Friends” that special counsel Jack Smith’s January 6 indictment against former President Donald Trump was “crap.”

Levin said., “This indictment, Mr. Barr, is crap. The reason they didn’t bring insurrection and seditious conspiracy because there was no insurrection and seditious conspiracy.”

He continued, “I want to say something to Mike Pence, who has turned out to be quite the weasel. Mike Pence fought like hell, he didn’t want to testify in front of this grand jury, he didn’t want to give his notes to this grand jury. Now we know why scribbling them down in the meeting because he had to give them up. Then he gives them up now he comes out, he is like all of a sudden he is a drama queen, I said no. Because his notes are in there, he flipped completely. He says I stopped a constitutional crisis. You did?”

Levin added, “What are the rules now? What now are the rules for running challenging and disputing elections and who decides? When can a candidate rely on legal advice? We have lawyers who are indicted for giving legal advice, the government disagrees with. Is a president not free to discuss decisions about the elections with his vice president? The vice president is free to do whatever he want, as this vice president did. Is a president freely to dispute election results without being indicted? He knew he lost, but he said he didn’t lose. So what, either way it doesn’t matter.”

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