WH’s Jean-Pierre: ‘Bidenomics Is Indeed Working’

Wednesday, during an appearance on CNN, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared that Bidenomics was working.

The Biden spokeswoman claimed inflation and wages were going in the right direction, therefore the economic policy was having some success.

“We know the polls show that people are pretty sour — at least half of the American people are sour on the economy,” CNN host Victor Blackwell said. “Isn’t that just dangerous getting closer to the election if things take a downturn? I mean, as the CBO predicts, unemployment will get closer to 4.7% by Election Day. That you’ve got a narrative now of Bidenomics and things going in a certain way, but that can quickly turn in the opposite direction. Why literally fuse the president’s name with the economics that Americans aren’t very happy with?”

“Well, here’s the thing, Bidenomics is indeed working when – when we say that — you look at the data, right? Cost is going down, right? We think about inflation. When you think about wages going up, that is Bidenomics. Look, the president has always believed — not just as president, but as vice president, as a senator, that we need to build an economy that is building from the bottom up, middle out, right? We need to make sure we leave no one behind.”

“He came from a middle-class family,” she continued. “You heard him talking about growing up in Scranton, what that means. He understands what the American people have gone — go through, right, sitting at your kitchen table once a month trying to figure out how to pay those bills. So, this is why we talk about it in this way because this is what he believes.”

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