Breitbart’s Emma-Jo Morris: Hunter Biden Is Important — He’s a ‘Bag Man’ for Joe Biden

During this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Breitbart News politics editor Emma-Jo Morris was asked to lay out what she viewed to be the “most damning” aspect of the Hunter Biden-Joe Biden saga.

Morris said while Hunter Biden was “important,” he acted on President Joe Biden’s behalf as a “bag man.”

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“Emma, you were at this from the start, one of the first reporters to break open that laptop story wide open,” host Maria Bartiromo said. “You were censored. Give us the specifics on what we know now. We are talking about allegations of bribery. What are the most damning stories out of this Hunter Biden-Joe Biden investigation, from your standpoint, based on the evidence?”

“Yes — well, so if you look at my reporting all the way back to 2020, my focus has always only been on Joe Biden. Hunter Biden obviously is important in that just that he’s a bag man for what I think is a family business that leads back to Joe,” Morris replied. And so I’m less concerned about what they’re finding in terms of Hunter and how he’s distributing money. I mean, it’s important as part of a broader picture. But, really, like, I think that the most damning thing that we have seen since my reporting has been the alleged FBI — well, it’s not alleged, actually. It’s been released, the FBI file that shows that Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe on Burisma.”

“I mean, that is outlined in the Constitution,” she continued. “Ted Cruz said that. It’s outlined in the Constitution explicitly as a reason why you can’t be president if that happens.”

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