Cotton: Prosecution of Trump ‘Reminiscent of a Country Like Brazil or Pakistan’

During Sunday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) labeled the Biden administration’s Department of Justice’s pursuit of a criminal conviction of former President Donald Trump as something akin to what one would expect in a third-world country.

According to the Arkansas Republican, it was “like Brazil or Pakistan.”

“Tell me, when they were objecting on the floor of the House on January 6 in the past in 2020, excuse me, in 2000, in 2004, and 2016, insisting that the votes in Ohio not be counted, the votes in Florida not be counted, insisting that Donald Trump was a Russian rube, he should never get the presidency,” host Mark Levin said. “These are people who sat on the January 6 Committee. These are people in leadership, and so forth and so on. How do the Democrats square all that with their claim that they’re the ones protecting this republic?”

“Well, Mark, they don’t try to square it because, in their minds, the way you protect the Republic is to elect Democrats, and the ends justify the means of electing Democrats and especially of stopping Donald Trump,” Cotton replied. “As you point out, now, the Democrats have only objected to the certification of the presidential election every single time a Republican has won the White House this century. Yet none of those Democrats face criminal charges for exercising what is, in fact, core First Amendment and political activity, something that anyone has the right to engage in.”

“You don’t have to agree with anything Donald Trump said about the election in 2020 or any of the lawsuits you filed. You don’t even have to agree with him or haven’t voted for him, Mark, to recognize that this is a very dangerous precedent, that this is a slippery slope that these road prosecutors have put us on,” he continued. “It is something more reminiscent of a country like Brazil or Pakistan to be pursuing not just a man who is a former president but also the leading candidate for the opposition party to the party in power. Again, that is a very dangerous precedent, something this country has never done.”

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