JD Vance: Five Years from Now We’re Going to Find ‘a Lot of People Have Gotten Rich’ off Ukraine War

Tuesday, during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) reacted to the Clinton Global Initiative’s reemergence on the global scene and its involvement in Ukraine.

Vance said he expected we would ultimately find that some would have benefited financially from the Ukrainian war effort.

“So Senator, when you see this new news about the Clinton Global Initiative Ukraine Action Network, and we’ve got Airbnb, you know, we’ve got famous Hollywood actors now involved, and the World Bank is kind of laundering American taxpayers through the Clintons into Ukraine, it could be a noble cause, yes, but it also seems a little suspicious, considering what the Clintons had been known for their entire career,” FNC host Jesse Watter said. “Do you agree?”

“Oh, I certainly agree, Jesse,” Vance replied. “I really guess that five years from now, we’re going to find out that between the Clintons and a number of American private equity firms and other hyper-global corporations that, you’re going to find a lot of people have gotten rich from this, and it’s really sad and it is really despicable because of course, the Ukrainians didn’t invite the war on themselves. I have disagreements with their leadership but not with the people. But you can almost see the elites of Washington and New York City salivating over acquiring more power and more money for themselves on the backs of the Ukrainian war effort. Anybody who doesn’t see this for what it is, I think, is blind to the reality. It’s one of the reasons why, Jesse, we have to start asking tough questions about how long is this going to go on?”

“To your point, are we going to let the entire country be destroyed half of it has already been destroyed?” he continued. “Are we going to encourage American investors and American politicians to get rich and powerful in Ukraine? This is really weird stuff. The video, the investors, the fact that these people are salivating over another distressed country that they can go into it should ring a lot of alarm bells and raise a lot of red flags for a lot of people. It certainly does for me.”

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