Comer: ‘All Roads Lead to Joe Biden’

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Night in America,” Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said there were clear links between corruption allegations leveled at members of President Joe Biden’s family and Biden himself.

He accused media naysayers of moving the goalposts as it pertained to the allegations and that evidence would show a connection.

“Chairman, have you or will you seek the president’s own bank records?” FNC host Trey Gowdy said. “If I heard you correctly, Biden family members asking for the president’s records. I assume you have his tax returns already, but other records asking for those from the president himself may ratchet things up a bit. Have you done it? Do you plan to do it?”

“Well, it is looking like we’re going to be asking for his bank records,” Comer replied. “I mean, all roads lead to Joe Biden. From day one, this has been an investigation of Joe Biden, not his son. His son is a key central figure because we believe Hunter was the frontman for the Biden family influence scheme. We’ve already proven that this family was influence peddling.”

“The media and the Bidens said that wasn’t true,” he continued. “I don’t think now they are disputing that. They’re moving the goalposts. They are saying, well, now you haven’t proven yet, maybe the president’s son was selling the illusion of access, but Joe Biden never benefited personally from that. So that’s why our investigation is now because there’s overwhelming evidence that would point to the fact that Joe Biden was receiving benefits from his family’s influence-peddling scheme, and that’s where we continue to investigate.”

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