Tenney: Biden Admin. Urging ‘All Sides’ to Avoid ‘Violence and Retaliatory Attacks’ Shows They Don’t Back Israel

During an interview with Newsmax on Saturday, Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) reacted to a since-deleted post from the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs where it reacted to the attack on Israel by Hamas by stating that it condemned the Hamas attack and urged “all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks” by stating that the post “tells me that the administration is not standing up for Israel.”

Tenney stated, “It was egregious for the administration to look as if this was both sides. This is a clear attack from Hamas, sponsored by Iran, against our greatest ally. This is not about Israel…doing anything aggressive. They need to stand up, and they need to defend their citizens. I’m with Netanyahu 100% on this. The Israelis need to stand strong, and we need to be with them.”

She added, “That tells me that the administration is not standing up for Israel. Their initial response was to condemn both sides, instead of condemning the aggressor here, and not standing up for our democratic, best ally, really shameful on the [part of the] Biden administration. … I really worry that China’s going to make its move on Taiwan at some point, because of the weakness and the failed policies of this Biden administration.”

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