Dershowitz: Pro-Hamas Harvard Students Should Be Treated Like Ku Klux Klan Members

Tuesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity,” Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz criticized his former employer, Harvard University, for facilitating pro-Hamas protests on campus by its students.

Dershowitz said these pro-Hamas “protesters” should be treated just as the members of the Ku Klux Klan are treated.

“If I’m not mistaken, I think I read once that they have a trust what $37+ billion at Harvard, do they not, Professor? Do they really need to beg for donations, for the snowflakes that took the side of terrorists?” host Sean Hannity asked.

“They’re the richest university in the world,” Dershowitz replied. “No decent employer should ever, ever hire any student who supported these rapes and these beheadings. They should treat these students exactly as they would treat Ku Klux Klan’s members who supported the lynching of Blacks, who supported the shooting of gays, who supported the raping of women.”

“There should be no distinction between these neo-Nazis, the ones at Harvard, and the neo-Nazis who everybody would say that no nobody should employ. I admire the professor from Berkeley who said: Don’t hire my students. My students — I would say the same thing. Don’t hire my students. You know, these are people who don’t deserve to be hired, and more importantly, your clients don’t deserve to be serviced by bigots, racists and antisemites like this.”

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