Jeffries: There Should Be No Abortion Restrictions, It’s for ‘a Woman and Her Doctor, Period, Full Stop’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight,” House Minority Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) responded to Republicans arguing that there is a difference between a total abortion ban and allowing abortion to be legal in some circumstances by stating that “abortion care should be a choice between a woman and her doctor, period, full stop.”

Host Alex Wagner asked, “They [Republicans] seem to think, Leader Jeffries, that there’s some difference that the American public sees in a ban versus a 15-week, what they call limit, or at least that’s what Virginia Gov. Youngkin (R) calls it. And they — despite the results of last night — they keep hammering down on this notion that the public sees a difference between giving a woman reproductive freedom for an entire pregnancy and just part of the pregnancy. What is your response to that specific strategy?”

Jeffries responded, “Well, abortion care should be a choice between a woman and her doctor, period, full stop. Not these extreme politicians who are trying to jam their ideology into this incredibly important, sensitive healthcare decision, that a woman should be able to make. That’s what freedom in America is all about. And the American people — as was evidenced in Kentucky and Ohio and certainly, in Virginia — are not fooled by the Republican efforts to spin what they fundamentally are trying to do, which is to eradicate reproductive freedom in America. As the former president has indicated, that was their agenda, that was their objective, that’s why they stacked the Supreme Court, and now they’ve got to live with the consequences of their extremism being made clear to the American people.”

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