ABC’s Hostin: GOP Presidential Candidates ‘Lack a Moral Compass’

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin told her co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” Wednesday that the Republican presidential candidates lacked a moral compass.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “They only hope I have left is this, I know you guys don’t love Nikki Haley, she’s not perfect but she’s who I’m for right now is inching up on Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. She’s second place in all those. She did get this big endorsement. I suspect she’s going to get more major endorsements coming. Anyone is better than Donald Trump. You guys, I think, could acknowledge even head-to-head acknowledging what Rachel Maddow said, Donald Trump has a 50% chance of winning. Nikki Haley is not a danger to democracy the way Trump is.”

Hostin said, “I think she’s a flip flopper and what you’re saying in essence is a lot of these people are flip floppers. I mean they lack a moral compass. And I don’t think that someone that lacks a moral compass should be in a position of power in this country to protect our democracy. And that really just is the bottom line for me.”

Co-host Sara Haines said, “I would take a Nikki Haley any day over a Donald Trump.”

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