Stefanik: Academic Leaders Are ‘Dehumanizing’ Jewish Students

During Sunday’s broadcast of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, discussed the recent congressional hearing that revealed tolerance of antisemitism on some of America’s elite institutions of higher learning.

The New York State Republican lawmaker called those policies “dehumanizing” for Jewish students.

“So you bring in the president of Harvard, the president of the University of Pennsylvania, the president of MIT, and what happened?” FNC host Mark Levin said.

“They failed on the global stage, Mark — what will go down in congressional history as the most viewed congressional testimony in the history of the United States Congress, three university presidents could not answer correctly the question: Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate their universities’ Code of Conduct when it comes to bullying and harassment?” Stefanik replied. “I asked the question in such a way that it would and should have been an easy yes, but not a single university president answered it correctly.”

“Instead, their answers dehumanized the Jewish people. The answers reeked of antisemitism,” she continued. “The answers even went so far as to say, well, it has to move to conduct or action. And I followed up with, you mean the act of committing genocide? So the world saw over one billion views of that hatist testimony, and the only option, Mark, is not only for those three university presidents to be fired because they don’t deserve the dignity of resignation, but we need to have and we launched a thorough Congressional investigation of not only those universities but others as well that have allowed antisemitism to run rampant on these college campuses.

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