Marlow: Hunter Will Get Pardoned by Joe, Tells GOP to ‘Get Off the Fence’ on Impeachment

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow said Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “Carl Higbie Frontline” that it was only a matter of time before President Joe Biden pardoned his son Hunter.

He urged Republicans to “get off the fence and get behind the impeachment inquiry now.”

Marlow said, “I think that’s the key thing here, Carl you touched on in the opening, is that when he said that is my father was not financially involved in my business that means my father was involved in my business. That’s what you should hear and so that’s a massive revelation here. The whole press conference was very in your face from Hunter.”

He continued, “We just learned a few days ago that he spent $872,000 on hookers, porn and sex clubs while he was evading, paying his taxes and evading paying child support for his daughter.”

Marlow added, “So it was all in your face him talking about being an artist. Recall that he does his art with a crack pipe and alcohol ink. People miss this when it came out, it’s all a giant troll. One of the main buyers of his art is his own lawyer. Now for legal purposes. I won’t say whether or not that appears like someone’s trying to funnel Hunter some money. I will not say that on TV, but of course not been speculate, maybe, maybe there or something going on there. So and this whole thing, Carl, he’s gonna get pardoned by Joe. It’s a matter of when he’s going to get pardoned. And this is a dare to all those fence-sitting Republicans, you’ve got to get off the fence and get behind the impeachment inquiry now.”

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