Rubio: ‘This Is Exactly How State-Run Media Is Used by Authoritarian Governments’

Wednesday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) criticized the media for its collective reaction to Monday night’s outcome for former President Donald Trump in the Iowa Caucus.

The Florida Republican likened the media to those of so-called authoritarian governments.

“It’s not about bias anymore,” he said. “There’s always been liberal bias in the media. Human beings are biased. They’re partisan, and they’re not just partisan like openly partisan, they are now extending that to not just attack Trump as a candidate, as a former president and future president. But also to attack the people who follow him just in the last hours. We’ve had multiple people go on the air on other networks and talk about things like — well, in Iowa, the problem is these are all white Christians or their attitude about the followers of Trump is these are dumb, stupid, uneducated people that don’t know any better or worse. They’re haters, they’re bigots.”

“And so, it’s what’s really changed is not just the partisan tone of the coverage, but now, this effort to say we’re not going to carry his speech,” Rubio continued. “We’re not going to let you hear what he has to say. We’ll interpret it and we’ll put out the snippets we want you to hear, but we’ve made the decision to no longer carry it. You know, you put up my message a moment ago from what I put up an X. This is exactly how state-run media is used by authoritarian governments to delegitimize, to discredit, to basically make people believe that there is no alternative but to the regime and to their rule. And that’s how that’s – – it’s destroying the media in this country. No, it’s why at this point, you know, no one believes anything they see or hear anymore.”

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